Addroot is made for anyone interested in doing business with Switzerland
  • Take advantage of business opportunities
  • Expand your network by attending events
  • Present your Swiss-based business to others
  • Promote your business to the Swiss market

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I founded Addroot, but . . .

What is Addroot?

I created Addroot so that Swiss people and companies can better introduce their business to the world and establish better communication with others.

Facilities have been prepared here that anyone who is a resident of Switzerland or if she/he is abroad and wants to work with Switzerland, can introduce products, services, events, business opportunities to Switzerland and to the whole world.

I'm Kouroh Narian and I invite you to join Addroot and help develop it with your comments and suggestions.

Kourosh Narian


Featured Business/Entrepreneur of the Month

Getting to know Swiss companies and entrepreneurs and a deeper understanding of the hidden opportunities.

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Victorinox is a Swiss company that produces high-quality knives, cutlery, travel gear, fragrances, and watches. Their headquarters are located in the town of Ibach, in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. The company is most famous for producing Swiss Army knives which are made of a special blend of hardened steel. There are three attributes which clearly define what Victorinox stands for: best prepared, smart and masterful.


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