The canton of Zurich is a Swiss canton in the northeastern part of the country. Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zurich. The city of Zurich, a global center for banking and finance, lies at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland.

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Members of a Chamber of Commerce are usually international and local operating companies, such as lawyers, property developers, tourism companies, airlines, manufacturing companies, import and export businesses, banks, finance companies, legal advisors, IT and electronics manufacturers etc.

For information on specific services offered by the Zurich Chamber of Commerce, please contact the chamber directly by telephone (++41 44 217 40 50), email direktion@zhk.ch or visit the official website of the chamber.

Zurich Chamber of Commerce

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The Zurich Chamber of Commerce is a local organization of businesses and companies in Zurich with the intention to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Switzerland. Many businesses are international operating companies with offices in Switzerland.


++41 44 217 40 50


++41 44 217 40 51


Zurich Chamber of Commerce
Selnaustrasse 32
Postfach 3058
CH-8022 - Zurich -

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Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is the official Swiss organization for export and investment promotion with offices throughout Switzerland and in 31 countries. S-GE support Swiss SMEs in their international business and helps innovative foreign companies to establish in Switzerland. This is how S-GE creates added value for our clients and prosperity for Switzerland.​

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